Our story.


The Brand

Inspired by a busy nomadic lifestyle, Alabaste focusses on globetrotting, luxury cashmere staples that have an enduring quality and style. Early collections which included scarves and beanies have since grown to include the Perfect Sweater, but our line remains capsule. Small will always mean beautiful to us.

As well as being deliberately niche, Alabaste are big believers in fashion that lasts. Cashmere should be a considered purchase that you really love, a go-to wardrobe investment that will bring you years of pleasure. These values are reflected in our timeless aesthetic and are the reason why customers continue to reach for our pieces season after season.

Feel-Good Factor

Each of our pieces are designed in-house with incredible attention to the fit, feel and colouration. Using the finest cashmere from Inner Mongolia, our yarns are spun before being dyed and knitted by a factory in Ulaanbatar, Mongolia, known for their excellence and years of knitwear expertise.  Each piece is hand-finished by Mongolian artisans.

Strictly selected to ensure that Alabaste yarns are the very best, they are also ethically procured. So called “cheap cashmere”, that has been mass-produced, has harmful effects on the environment and is responsible for over-grazing of land.

Limiting our production means when you’re choosing Alabaste, not only are you buying the most premium cashmere possible, you can also wear our designs with a clear conscience.

Mending Services

We currently offer a knitwear mending service in Cape Town.
How it works: please ensure all knitwear is freshly washed (we will not be able to take soiled/contaminated items into our studios. Arrange a collection and we take care of the rest. Prices available upon request.

Coming soon to the United Kingdom.

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