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The Brand

Started by a British female fashion designer Ava Edwards, we’ve travelled the globe to bring you the world’s best cashmere from Mongolia. 

Passionate about knitwear and natural fibres, Ava’s journey has led to many discussions about ethical and sustainable fashion practices. Alabaste Cashmere pieces are pure, like sculptural marble, ethically manufactured from a responsible source in Mongolia and then designed in Cape Town. Our comprehensive collection of effortlessly chic pieces means garments to love and wear for decades to come…. 


Almost all of the world’s cashmere fibre originates from the Kashmir region (China, India and Mongolia) and then is shipped to be dyed, spun and knitted in locations across the globe. EXCEPT OURS. Our factory, along with our dedicated cashmere experts, are based in Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, the source  of the world’s finest cashmere. It’s due to the extreme cold in the region’s highlands that the goats grow lengthy coats to protect them from the elements. That means, the highest quality cashmere available thanks to coveted long fibres that are spun into superior Mongolian yarn. 

Yielding the yarn through hand-combing the goats is a safe and animal-friendly practice. Sustainably sourced by the country’s nomadic herds-people, we ensure that our cashmere is hand-combed from the goats by trained herders only to the safeguard them, as well as those that derive their livelihood from this process. And, very importantly the goats are only combed in Spring when the weather is warmer and their coats are naturally ready to shed. The entire process happens in one region with the final product shipped to wherever it’s end-destination may be, meaning it has a low carbon footprint. 


Our cashmere is expertly knitted and hand-finished by our 150 highly-talented and skilled Mongolian artisans into beautifully modern garments for you to treasure. Available undyed as nature intended or dyed, using non-toxic chemicals,  we produce pure cashmere pieces using the finest quality Mongolian cashmere fibre available.

Alabaste Mongolian Cashmere le sweater

 Manufactured using a mixture of traditional techniques developed and perfected in Scotland, highly modern machinery from Japan, Germany and the UK works in harmony with age-old traditional methods to create superb garments. We aim to support this masterful industry and offer customers a product with integrity, value and quality.  

alabaste mongolian cashmere headband le bandeau burnt orange


Alabaste Cashmere are the go-to pieces that will last you a lifetime.  We want to spread the love one cashmere piece at a time and offer you the very best value and craftsmanship available. These are not throwaway pieces but items to cherish, and so our philosophy is to look after what you adore to wear. Luxe never looked or felt so good. 

Mending Services

We currently offer a knitwear mending service in Cape Town.
How it works: please ensure all knitwear is freshly washed (we will not be able to take soiled/contaminated items into our studios. Arrange a collection and we take care of the rest. Prices available upon request.

Coming soon to the United Kingdom.

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