10 Reasons why you should buy a cashmere sweater

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Cashmere Sweater


1. Timeless Style: Classic cashmere sweaters have enduring appeal and can be worn season after season without looking dated.

2. Versatility: They can be easily dressed up or down, making them suitable for various occasions.

3. Investment Piece: Classic styles tend to have better longevity, offering better value for money in the long run.

4. Superior Quality: Alabaste Cashmere sweaters are made with lab-tested, certified Pure Mongolian cashmere and expert craftsmanship, ensuring low-pilling, durability and comfort.

5. Reduced Environmental Impact: By choosing timeless pieces, you contribute to reducing fashion waste and promoting sustainability.

6. Personalized Style: Classic cashmere sweaters allow you to express your personal style without being dictated by fleeting trends.

7. Ease of Coordination: They pair effortlessly with a variety of wardrobe staples, simplifying outfit selection and coordination.

8. Time and Cost Savings: Investing in timeless pieces means less frequent shopping and lower overall expenditure on clothing.

9. Resale Value: Classic cashmere sweaters typically retain their value better than trendy pieces, offering potential resale opportunities in the future.

10. Confidence and Comfort: Wearing a classic cashmere sweater can evoke a sense of confidence and comfort, knowing you’re wearing a timeless and elegant garment. Plus they’re machine-washable for easy-care luxe.

And a last word about our cashmere: it is hand-combed from the goats in Spring, when they would naturally shed, so not at all cruel to the animals. An infinitely better choice than highly polluting acrylic blends for knitwear. READ THE CARE LABEL.

Choose well, wear more.

Ava x

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