At Alabaste, we're all about blending luxury with functionality. We scour the globe to bring you the finest products, crafted not just to look good, but to fit perfectly and last a lifetime. We step away from the fast-paced fashion cycle of buying more and more, only to discard them later. Instead, we focus on creating something truly special.

Our journey with fit is personal. Our founder, Ava, worked hard on creating pieces that didn’t just fit, but felt like they were made to measure. Our commitment is to provide you with quality that not only fits beautifully across both men and women but also feels like a second skin, ensuring these pieces become lifelong companions.

The spark for Alabaste was lit at university, thanks to a friend who introduced our founder to the world of cashmere. After showcasing Scottish cashmere in her final show, Ava, our founder, was captivated. Her years in corporate fashion only fueled her desire for change, witnessing firsthand the reliance on synthetic materials and the environmental toll of mass production.

Choosing to leave the corporate world after welcoming her second child, Ava dedicated herself to cashmere. Her mission? To share the incredible versatility, beauty, and durability of cashmere with the world. For Ava, cashmere is more than just fabric; it's a lifestyle. It's the comfort of walking the dogs wrapped in softness, the elegance of dressing up for dinner, and the rejection of fleeting fashion trends in favor of timeless, sustainable elegance.

At Alabaste, we invite you to experience the noble allure of cashmere. It's not just clothing; it's a statement of timeless elegance and sustainability that's perfect for every occasion, every day.
Cashmere, Made for Life.