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Le Sweatshirt

Le Sweatshirt

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Discover Pure, Sustainable Luxury: Elevate Your Wardrobe with Le Sweatshirt Collection

In a world where sustainable fashion reigns supreme, Le Sweatshirt shines as a symbol of unparalleled luxury. Our top-tier Mongolian cashmere sweatshirt epitomizes not only clothing but also a dedication to a fashion-forward, eco-conscious future.

Crafted by founder Ava, the Le Sweatshirt line emerged from a personal pursuit of perfection. Frustrated by the lack of cashmere sweaters adaptable to her dynamic lifestyle, Ava envisioned a machine-washable, fully functional cashmere piece with flawless fit and versatile sleeves suitable for any occasion, from morning gardening to sophisticated evening soirees.

What distinguishes Le Sweatshirt is its impeccable craftsmanship. The iconic double cuffs, welt, and reverse-seam raglan shoulder not only exude aesthetic appeal but also ensure unparalleled durability, embodying sustainable luxury designed to withstand the ravages of time.

At Alabaste, ethical practices are paramount. Our fully-fashioned cashmere production minimizes yarn wastage, while eschewing toxic dyes. Harvested directly from Mongolian goats in the spring, our cashmere undergoes gentle hand-combing and fibre-sorting, guaranteeing superior fiber quality. Each piece is meticulously hand-finished by skilled Mongolian artisans, delivering craftsmanship directly from the source.

Le Sweatshirt transcends mere fashion; it embodies a commitment to sustainability and timeless sophistication. Experience the epitome of sustainable luxury with our Limited Edition collections, designed for enduring elegance and unparalleled comfort.


100% Mongolian Cashmere

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Fit of the set is slouchy, joggers designed to be worn on hips. Model height is 182cm is wearing a size small and is a UK 8.

Equivalent to UK sizes:

S 8-10

M 12

L 14

XL 16


S: 53cm chest width

M: 58cm chest width

L: 63cm chest width

XL: 68cm chest width


S: waist 70cm. Inside leg: 60cm. Outside leg: 91cm

M: waist 74cm. Inside leg: 61cm. Outside leg: 92cm

L: waist 79cm. Inside leg: 62. Outside leg: 94cm

XL: waist 76cm. Inside leg: 63cm. Outside leg: 95cm

XS 44cm 63cm 48cm
49cm 65cm 48cm
M 54cm 67cm 48cm
L 59cm 69cm 48cm
XL 64cm 71cm 46cm
XXL 69cm 73cm 46cm

Care Instructions

Machine washable. Place into a laundry bag and add a gentle detergent, no softener. Put on a hand wash/wool cycle at 20-30 degrees. Dry flat and out of direct sunlight.

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